You Beauty

YB by Chris Frape

4 STARS –  “Illywhacka is damn original and in its own world; endlessly absorbing.” The Music

4 STARS – Herald Sun

“The Sydney band have become serious cult heroes – and for very good reason.” – Faster Louder

“It’s not often that rock and roll tells this kind of compelling story, and these boys have made it an utter artform only two records in. A fantastic follow-up album all up.” – Howl And Echoes

“God damn! You Beauty have done it again!” AAA Backstage

“If you are into online dating or not, ILLYWHACKA is a great example of a mature, composed, thought out and entertaining record. From the sound, the artwork and even the clever viral marketing of the subject matter, You Beauty have crafted a unique record, one that rewards listeners with a modern tale of a wayward soul come (somewhat) good. Beneath the shit we all collect in our hearts and minds there is something worth digging out, ILLYWHACKA is a sublime example of this notion explored to a fitting conclusion. If you do find your significant other online or by other means, I hope you both bond over how good this record is.” – Weirdo Wasteland

The first single from You Beauty‘s second record continues that upwards melodic thrust over a pumping backline, which Vice likens to “INXS when they were still a pub rock band”.

But whereas Jersey Flegg centred around a story of loved lost and found during the 1998 NRL season, this time the boys have left the footy at the park and logged on to the strange and sometimes sinister world of internet dating.

‘Illywhacka’ is the bands follow up record to ‘Jersey Flegg’ and they have smashed our expectations out of the park.

After an online romance scammer realises he’s fallen in love with the woman he’s ripping off, he’s plunged into a digital turmoil. Is love really more than just a way to get what you want from people? Can he win her heart after playing with her head? Or will the ultimate sentence for his crime be something far lonelier than a grey cell?

For the answer to this question and also the one about the meaning of life, hold out for You Beauty’s second album ‘ILLYWHACKA’ out now!





Couldn’t be happier.





You Beauty’s debut album Jersey Flegg is a pub rock opera about life picking you up like a sack of wheat and grinding you into the dry turf and baked earth of a suburban footy pitch.

Jersey Flegg follows a 90’s rugby league legend who has to face himself and his past after he has his heart broken by a children’s TV starlet. As he watches his game fall apart and gets booted off the team, you’ve gotta wonder whether he’ll ever get out of the gutter and OFF THE BENCH.

Carried by a punchy back-line and lean, side-stepping guitar melodies, You Beauty are four defeated bench warmers drinking cocktails with tiny umbrellas during a never-ending off season.

They also make music as Absolute Boys, Mere Women, Hira Hira and Home Travel, and don’t see themselves having a successful touring career in states that know ‘footy’ as AFL.

Having already received raved reviews from Polaroids Of Androids giving a whopping 9.2 and Mess And Noise, we expect to see much more chatter about You Beauty.



You Beauty - Jersey Flegg Album Artwork

  01. Jersey Flegg
  02. Mennal Mondays
  03. Scent Of My Youth
  04. Ann Maree
  05. Now Her Skirt
  06. Crummy Thoughts
  07. Drop Me Now
  08. Healing Spirit
  09. Rabbits
  10. Off The Bench

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Album digital download

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  1. 01 Strong Connection
  2. 02 Take Every Cent
  3. 03 Illywhacka
  4. 04 Romeo n Julie
  5. 05 Pins Drop
  6. 06 Same Damn Thing
  7. 07 Phone Job
  8. 08 Flake n Chips
  9. 09 How Cares
  10. 10 Tracy's Tunite
  11. 11 Everywhere I Wanna Go
  12. 12 Can't Say It


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Digital album

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  1. 01. Jersey Flegg.wav
  2. 02. Mennal Mondays.wav
  3. 03.Scent Of My Youth.wav
  4. 04.Ann Maree.wav
  5. 05.Now Her Skirt.wav
  6. 06. Crummy Thoughts.wav
  7. 07.Drop Me Now.wav
  8. 08.Healing Spirit.wav
  9. 09.Rabbits.wav
  10. 10.Off The Bench.wav


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