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“Not since The Bronx’s debut has there been as much honest swear coming off a needle, or indeed a laser”.  Stack Magazine.

“Imagine the Eighties B-Line Disaster fronted by Jack White and you’re still not close to imagining Us The Band’s infernally jacked-up racket” NME

“Ghoul is a duelling punk beast”. Rolling Stone

“They’ve gone on to create this hurtling piece of shreddery that’s like Bass Drum of Death being slammed into a brick wall by the Hulk. This is slam-dancing music for sure, fucking fun and loud, forcing you to run around with your hands in the air like you’ve just been handed a bomb with 5 seconds left on the timer. That kind of Ramones-like frantic activity is rad, and this band needs to get their EP out pronto.” SoundlySounds

“Distorted two-piece Us The Band were a welcome surprise to kick things off, melodically screaming at whoever would listen. The drum and guitar duo chugged through a bunch of Cloud Nothings inspired tunes that got the modest crowds toes a tappin’. Two more songs and then I’ll pass out’, the Kurt Vile look a like lead singer uttered towards the end of the high octane set, which would have been a real shame” TheMusic

Check out the new clip for ‘Ghoul’ premiered on Rolling Stone! 

Sonically inspired by Cloud Nothings, Hüsker Dü, Thee Oh Sees, and spiritually inspired by Hot Chocolate, Sydney two pieceUs The Band play fast, to the point, garage punk.

 Formed out of a discarded track from their other band, Nick and Jesse tried to salvage something that could work as a two piece. It did. They then decided to keep going and see if they could write a few more songs. They did. They recorded a handful of tracks with Owen Penglis (Straight Arrows) in his Goliath Studios, and learned how to play a live show supporting Alex Cameron. All this lead to some recognition from Fat Cat Records over in the UK, who featured their single/demo ‘Fallout‘.  Following that, NMEjumped onboard writing about Us The Band‘s ‘infernally jacked up racket’ in their new music section. What the live shows lack in duration they make up for in energy, aggressiveness, and result in the complete and utter exhaustion of crowd and band.

They impressed all the important people at BIGSOUND, have had Henry Rollins spinning their track ‘Fallout on KCRW, which also featured on our Rice Is Nice Mixtape Vol. 3.

The bands debut EP ‘But Where Do They Go’ is out now.