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Hello Friends - Digital Album


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Summer Flake has returned in full force with Hello Friends, the follow-up to the critically acclaimed 2013 debut LP You Can Have It All. The album marks a new era for Melbourne-via-Adelaide musician Stephanie Crase (whose former credits include No Through Road, Birth Glow, Hit the Jackpot and Batrider), having enlisted the production finesse of Geoffrey O'Connor to propel her idiosyncratically sun-drunk guitar pop into new and lusher territories.

Drenched in a timelessness of reverb, Summer Flake's songs are transcendent - moving through the dreamy wings of pop, via the Crystals and the Paris Sisters, down the lonely byways of Karen Dalton and Laurel Canyon folkies, ambling up into the grubby 90s of Hole and Sonic Youth, before lingering out finally into the sunshine of other dream-pop contemporaries like Best Coast or Mac Demarco.

It's only the second full-length release for Summer Flake but Crase's output has been prolific over the last four years, with four EPs under her belt that garnered increasing attention in Australia and internationally. In August 2015, Henry Rollins premiered 'The Sun Won't Shine' (the debut single from the Time Rolls By EP) on legendary Californian public radio station KCRW, with Rollins proclaiming "we love this band".

Hello Friends continues Crase's tendency for the thoughtful arrangements, '90s-tinged frankness and dizzying harmonies that have led her from strength to strength, this time adding a deeper layer of emotional reflection to an already enduring sound.

These songs, as delicate as a snowflake on a summer beach, succeed in unmooring one from the drudgeries of place and time.

  1. Son Of A Gun
  2. Shoot And Score
  3. I'd Ask You Not To Look Away
  4. Make Your Way Back To Me
  5. Tumbling Down
  6. So Long
  7. Wine Won't Wash Away
  8. Satellite
  9. Look How Far We've Come
  10. Mess