There are many reasons why musicians make solo albums. For some, the delicate artistic temperament simply cannot bear collaborating with or being around other people. For others, collaboration is a truly wonderful experience, but a time comes when they just want to test themselves and see if they can make something special alone. Seja could never belong to the first example. Her debut solo album, We Have Secrets But Nobody Cares, does not sluggishly lumber from extreme isolation. Emotionally sophisticated, what reveals is the sort of mixed euphoria astronauts, or pilots, may feel when an affair begins mid-flight… or whenever joy is tempered with survival doubts.

If it doesn’t sound like a debut, it’s because Seja has spent years playing synthesizers in Sekiden and Regurgitator, two of Brisbane’s finest ever pop bands. Late last year Seja found herself wanting, curious to discover if she could make an album alone. So she stayed home a lot, writing songs, recording lots of old synthesizers, and using her beautifully clear voice more than she ever had before.

All Our Wires, Seja’s follow up  is a collection of pop gems that looks to be a sunnier, more pastoral take on the spacey synth-scaping that she first brought to the world back in 2009 on her debut. Tracks see the blonde balladeer looking back to earnest pop icons of the 60’s and 70’s, influences of which can be heard in the shimmering acoustic guitarwork, the enchanting “ow woaw woaw’s”, and the sweetly crafted rhythm section, all recorded by Seja herself and her brother Mirko.

All Our Wires features work from Robert Forster of the Go-Betweens, electronica guitarist Tim Hoey of Cut Copy, former bandmate Ben Ely from her period playing keys for Regurgitator. Having contributed to a mess of Aussie pop bands, doing a slew of shows on her own, with her band and in support of some big international female artists as well as writing and recording her own album, Seja’s All Our Wires is teeing up to be a halcyon distillation of her works thus far. Australia needs a new pop chanteuse.

She also created a SEJA app because she loves to be a creative genius. Did we mention she is crafty?


Seja - All Our Wires Album Artwork

  01. Like Fireflies
  02. C’mon
  03. When You Said You Were Mine
  04. I Killed A Day
  05. Imaginations In Hyperspace
  06. Call Me Wrong
  07. Hearts Beat In Time
  08. All Our Wires
  09. Silver In My Eye
  10. I’d Do It Over
  11. Die Wolken
Brisbane’s synth-collecting SEJA VOGEL recorded her second album ‘All Our Wires’ with her brother Mirko and collaborated with Robert Forster, Wally De Backer and members of Cut Copy and Regurgitator.


Seja - We Have Secrets But Nobody Cares

  01. I’ll Get To You
  02. Through The Backstreets
  03. Framed You In Fiction
  04. Fire This Fuel
  05. Delay
  06. A Million Wheels
  07. One Year Later
  08. Sing Me The Song Like You Said
  09. Silver In My Eye
  10. We Can’t See Past Our Hands
  11. We Begin
  12. Wir Haben Geheimnisse
  13. Between A Slur
Seja’s brother Mikro produced, mixed and mastered the album, allowing its wide spaces to be further opened, and amplified the instrumentation is virtually all vintage electronics (Seja is known for her loyalty to vintage synths), and it’s with a simple, neat song structure we hear the stuff of classic pop. But the context is modern and lyrically a touch hard-nosed, too busy living the present to be looking over its shoulder, ala ’80s fans and alumni M83, granted it’s always in a dream. Crumbly, hand-crafted synth tones evoke such dreaminess, but the thematic focus of We Have Secrets But Nobody Cares never loses its way. Despite what Seja may tell you in a song.