Rebel Yell


“Rebel Yell’s new track celebrates the power of the mean girl” – i-D

“Her sound is impressively distinct: noxious, militaristic and properly industrial.” – The Guardian

“It’s both confronting and cathartic, but above all, a great piece of music.” – Indie Shuffle

Rebel Yell, aka Grace Stevenson made her mark with her killer debut EP Mother of Millions last year. Now she is back and she means business, as she drops her new single and clip for ‘High Authority‘ premiered on i-D!

‘High Authority’ stands on its own, sharing a glimpse of the developed sound for Rebel Yell. From working with an upgraded gear set-up to experiencing a new life as a solo performer, ‘High Authority’ gets mean. It’s obvious she knows where she stands and is out to get what she wants. Breaking through with a punchy EBM banger, ‘High Authority’ takes Rebel Yell out of the low-fi production sphere and into a new dance element. Lyrically repetitive in nature, drumming in the fact that Rebel Yell is the boss, she’s your boss.

Single OUT NOW.


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‘Never Perfection’ is the first single to be taken from Rebel Yell’s debut EP ‘Mother Of Millions’. 

Grace Stevenson is the individual behind Rebel Yell, creating brooding, industrial, electronic music. With a Korg ESX-1 and Metal zone pedal amongst others in tow Rebel Yell creates a heavy, haunting experience.

Rebel Yell was formed from multiple influential experieces. One was experiencing a showcase with Lucy Cliche, Video Easy and Sarah Spencer which opened Stevenson up to industrial music.

When asked specifically about new solo project Rebel Yell (Stevenson also plays in Brisbane band 100%) Stephenson talks about finding inspiration from ‘dark tech’ CDR’s and the soundtrack from ‘Hackers’.

“somehow this real dark, tech started to come out. I probably blame my discovery of the hackers soundtrack which got me into dark tech like underworld, orbital and even the prodigy. Also the home made burnt disc I got from an op shop titled ‘dark tech’ which i listened to in my car on repeat before a millennium 2000 new years party in which all that music was played.”

Rebel Yell has shared the stage with Naked, California Girls, Pillow Pro, Enderie Nuatal, X in O and Whitney Houstons Crypt.

Rebel Yell is an awesome discovery that came from an unexpected encounter and we could not be happier to have her join the fold.


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